My time at Apple is up. I had a blast working for this great company. I have never been treated with so much appreciation by an employer. The perks and benefits were second to none. Many people ask me why I am leaving the biggest and best company in the world. The truth is, it is very scary, but I got my Bachelor’s in web development and programming and I really want to focus on that for my career. It could even be interesting doing apps and games for Apple devices but there are more independent companies doing that than Apple does itself. I also have an entrepreneurial spirit. I love working for myself and having something to call my own.

To better prepare for the web world and managing websites for clients as a web master, I will be seeking out employment with a web hosting company. I’m particularly interested in Linux server administration and using cPanel and WHM for website management. It seems a lot of hosts use cPanel and it makes it very easy to move between hosts that utilize it. I think learning some of the back end will help me better assist my clients. Wish me luck.