Thanks for visiting my site!

My name is Brandon Tipton and I am a graphic designer, website developer, and entrepreneur who lives in Austin, Texas. I am originally from Los Angeles, California.  You may sometimes see my name with an R. in front of it; matter of fact if you look at my logo you can see my initials RBT. It’s a bit of a visual puzzle, and that’s me. I am a problem solver and when it comes to a design problem, I like to put things together piece by piece until I find the best solution.

While I dabble in many design types, my passion and areas of focus are web design and development. Something about the constantly changing and evolving trends and technology as well as watching code take visual form is what intrigues me. I specialize in XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. I am capable of using different Content Management Systems(CMS) such as Joomla and Drupal, but my favorite and expertise lies with WordPress. My immediate goal with programming is to become a PHP and mySQL expert. I am also using Linux CentOS and am learning Linux command line to better support my clients’ web hosting needs.

I’ve spent my whole life in art and computer classes learning traditional art, computer graphics, and how to build and support PC’s. The skills I’ve acquired have helped tremendously in my career. I have an entrepreneurial spirit but have spent time doing tech support for PC, Apple, mobile, and web hosting companies. I had the pleasure of working as a senior iOS Advisor for Apple’s Applecare support department. I then moved onto doing more web centered work. I started using my web skills to build and launch websites for personal clients. I also learned to manage the back-end utilizing Linux with Apache web servers, and WHM/cPanel among many other tools for a hosting company called A Small Orange .

My hobbies include lacrosse, golf, fitness and gaming. I coach high school lacrosse and was a successful player. I sketch as much as I can and will sometimes use it in my design work. When it comes to gaming, I’m a role player, especially if I get to make choices and create my own adventure.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. My skills are always evolving. Your project could be my best work yet. I will look forward to working with you.